NV200 Self-Build Campervan Conversion

In March of 2021 I finally pulled the trigger and purchased a new (to me) van! What I purchased was this lovely 2018 Nissan NV200 in ‘Acenta’ trim. I’ve spent the rest of 2021 building the van out as a mobile office for my photogrpahy work, as well as an all-round campervan and adventuremobile!

I’ve decided to try and write out the build project here on my blog for those interested in how I completed it and what I used. I’ve broken it down into sections and posts and you can find them below, or visit the category page to see them all!

Fitting a Captains Seat to my Nissan NV200
One of the most important things for me in kitting out the …
Insulating my Nissan NV200 Camper Conversion
The science and techniques that go into insulation can get pretty complicated. …

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