The NV200 Parts List

You might have seen my video tour of my 2018 Nissan NV200 which I converted from stock van to mini adventure mobile over the course of a couple of years. If you haven’t, you can watch it below:

On this post I’ve tried to include everything I bought and fitted into the van over the course of the build. Where items aren’t available I’ve tried my best to substitute it with alternatives. I’ve also included a few of the tools and ‘behind the scenes’ items that I found really useful.

Insulation & Carpeting

I ended up using products almostly entire from Dodo Mat. Dodo Mat are a UK company who specialise in insulation and sound deadening materials for vehicles. They are widley used and reccomended in world of campervan conversions. I found this video guide by Combe Valley Campers to be incredibly useful in the best practices for using these materials.

Watch my video on insulation & carpeting


Dodo Mat DEADN Hex Sound Deadening MatAmazon

Dodo Mat Van Insulation Thermo Accoustic LinerAmazon

Dodo Mat 12mm Super Liner Amazon

Dodo Mat Fleece Campervan Insulation RollAmazon

Four-Way Stretch Carpet (Grey)Amazon

Heat Resistant Trim-Fix AdhestiveAmazon

Misc. Tools

Heavy Duty Black Nitrile GlovesAmazon

Trim Removal Tool Kit Amazon

Mask & GogglesAmazon

Diesel Heater

I always wanted to have a heater of some sort. inmy van – an important consideration when epxloring Scotland! I went with a ‘chinese diesel heater’ as they are commonly known online. Generally speaking they are safe, reliable and easy to use kits however be careful on the parts that come with the heater – cheap fuel lines, poorly made filters etc. can cause you headaches.

Watch my video on my diesel heater.

Materials & Parts

Triclicks 12V 5KW Air Diesel HeaterAmazon (be aware that contents of the kit such as fuel hoses, digital controller etc. may vary slightly. This is a common issue)

Mounting Bracket for Diesel HeaterAmazon

Heat Resistant Silicone SealantAmazon

Replacement Fuel Pipe Line Hose ClipAmazon (Check your supplied fuel line – if it’s green and somewhat malliable throw it away and replace it with this smaller diameter white pipe.)