Hey Everyone, Calum Here.

I’m an artist and content creator born and raised on the tiny island Raasay off of the West Coast of Scotland. I’m an experienced tour guide and social media manager as part of my day job.

I specialise in the production, creation and editing of video and photographic content. I also do a variety of creative work, from illustration to digital art. It’s a lot of stuff- though hopefully most of it can be found around here.


I do a wide range of photography as part of my job at the Isle of Raasay Distillery. I produce everything from documentation of events to studio-style product photography, marketing material and more.

You can browse my photography blog for content or articles I’ve written on different products and projects I’ve made. Albums of my best work can also be found on my Flickr account.


I’ve been creating and producing video projects for over a decade, working and learning by myself to produce, film and edit everything from video game features to art projects and documentaries.

You can find my work going back years on my Youtube channel, as well as on the media channels for the Isle of Raasay Distillery, where I’m responsible for the creation and editing of video and photographic content.

Other Stuff

Growing up on the island of Raasay, I’ve always had a passion for history and the outdoors. If I’m not working at the Distillery, I tend to be found hiking, working on my various vehicles or working on my artwork or other writing projects.