Nestled in the hills of the National Radio Quiet Zone, the glory days of this ski resort town are now behind it. As of late, strange and unusual occurrences of a supernatural flavour have come to unnerve the residents of this once-quiet community.

The setting for the fantastic ‘Amnesty’ arc of The Adventure Zone, I drew this rendition of Kepler as a fun way to commit the town in my head to paper. You can also buy it as a shirt!

Stromness: Amongst Closes and Clouds.

A fun blast from the past! When living in Orkney in 2017 the lovely @moticollective invited me to join them in an exhibition called “Stromness Uncoiled'” at the beautiful Northlight Gallery in Stromness. Stromness is one of my all-time favourite places tight streets, steeples and odd buildings are crammed along a sleep hill and waterfront. Everywhere you look is interesting buildings, lampposts, signs and streets and the place is just awash with interesting history (especially nautical stuff). I decided to try and present the long, winding town in a different direction- vertically- while still trying to retain off that idea of tight cobbled streets and hidden secrets everywhere. All the buildings featured are 100% real and can be found to find in real life, but I included lots of things that are no longer there- old distilleries, wee sheds from archives photos, boats and planes from the history of the town as well as historical businesses and easter eggs that I thought the only locals might get a kick out of.