Bamse’s Big Day

On the 5th of October my sister got married to a very nice man in the beautiful surroundings of the distillery. it was a big day, with lots of guests and movign parts but it could not have gone any better. And while my sister looked absolutely beautiful, one other girl truly stole the show:

Bamse, baby!

I bought and drove ‘Bamse’, my 1989 Suzuki Supercarry, all over Scotland’s north during a fantastic summer in 2016, but after a small hip breaking accident and a move to Orkney 2017, the beautiful old girl has been relegated to the garage for over three years, sitting neglected and dusty while the world has moved about around her. I’ve written a few updates on my blog about her slowly coming back to life, but it wasn’t until Fiona ‘suggested’ to dad and I that she’d like to turn up to her wedding in the thing that we really had to get a move on and get her drivable! The engine was still disconnected, she was littered with dents and holes and there was still an abandoned birds nests in one of the cupboards!

I had also been in France for the week preceding the wedding, so on my return we had to instigate a lighting-fast rebuild involving reconnecting fuel tanks, removing her from her stacks of blocks for the first time in years, spray painting her lower half, patching holes in the body with plenty of filler and then finally removing all the wheels to free off the seized brakes. Certainly the years in the garage had protected her from the elements, but many parts like the brake lines and pads had suffered from not being used.

Finally though, after years of attempts at getting her fixed up, she fired up and slowly (the brakes were still pretty seized) worked her way out of the garage.

Her first time outside! Hope she’s not developed agoraphobia…

After she was running and relatively clean from the years of grime, Mary and my cousin Ellen set to work decorating her. We covered the tyres and windows with plenty of chalk pen decorations, a beautiful covering of sheets on the rear seats for Fiona and just 12 hours before her debut, I sneakily drove her over to Raasay house where she could hide for the night. Most of the wedding guests- groom included- were completely unaware that Bamse even existed, let along was going to be the wedding car! It was a moment of particular pride for me though, as this little camper I had so neglected managed to finally hit the road again in the most stylish debut imaginable! I was luckily doing some video for the wedding, and while the wedding video is on its way, the first thing I had to do was make a little dedication to Bamse. See you this summer for road trips galore! 🚌

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