Weekend with Friends

To be honest, I could probably copy/paste “it’s been a busy old week…” into every blog post I make, but it’s true! We’ve got some interesting events happening this very week in the distillery (more on that later) that has been sucking up all sorts of time and energy as of late, but this weekend was busy in a less stressful, work-related way and more in a fun sort of walking, hiking, swimming, drinking and board-gaming with friends sort of way (which is, as you know, the two kinds of busy there are).

Yes, this weekend we had our pals Jillian, Aden and Frances staying with us – and despite some terrible weather in the lead-up, the sun started shining on Friday and barely let up until they left on Tuesday! It was fortunate also because my first cousin Catriona was also visiting on Friday with her friends in the morning, so I scooted them around the sunny island and before the ramp was up and they sailed away I was preparing for my next ‘tour group’ to arrive! The first night we had some fun paddling and swimming down by the jetty, which allowed me my first chance to use my wet suit all year (and as much as they all mocked me at first most of them were jealous of it by the end!) and just enjoy some swimming, which is something I’ve had little chance to do for ages.

But the main event was the day after when we hiked to Fladda under the most unbelievably glorious conditions and got a chance to see and explore the whole island to ourselves. Photo dump incoming!

After that outing, we headed to Raasay House for an amazing meal (fish and chips baby!) and caught a brief 40 winks before starting the Saturday with the same adventurous spirit. This time, old mines!

A fantastic weekend with plenty of good chances for photography and fun memories, and probably a nice chance to catch a break before things ramp up even more, as summer holidays begin and gin looms on the horizon…

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