A Quick Update

Well, it’s been a while since I got a chance to update the blog so it’s difficult trying to figure out just where to start! It’s not so much that I’ve been too busy to sit down and write anything, rather I’ve been away from it for so long that there are so many different things to talk about that it’s hard to know exactly where to start! For my own sanity, let’s break it down:


I’ve been busy on Youtube! A few weeks ago you may remember I made a video all about ‘vise restoration‘, bringing back a nice old paramo vise to some of its former glory. Well, since then, I caught the youtube ‘bug’ again and got working on some more video projects. The first being about the eternally-fascinating subject of nails:

And just a couple of days ago, I put out another all about my nice old ‘shed radio’, the Philips 425:

I’ve been having a lot of fun putting them together and generally having extra things to do in the workshop, and I have a few more planned out. It’s getting to be over 6 years since I uploaded my first video to youtube and I’m always surprised how much I fun I have returning to this weird little hobby. Anyway, enjoy!

The Trucks

The truck testing out my old bike rack- it works well!

She passed! The little Jimny flew through her MOT with only a single advisory of ‘underseal’. It’s not a bad thing really, more of a way of the garage saying they’re not at fault if something is hidden behind it, but I certainly didn’t put any on to mask any major holes in her. The garage also did a beautiful job welding the patch onto the driver’s sill, which I would take a photo of but it’s so flawless I doubt there’s much to see! Either way I’m very chuffed. The next big task is, of course, Bamse, which we have now managed to slowly work the engine into and connect back up again. The only thing missing is an accelerator cable that needs replacing, but she’s been neglected at the moment with so many other things going on. There’s still loads of work to do, but I believe I’ll have her running soon (then again I’ve been saying that for years now so who knows!)

Slowly but surely…

The Garden

continuing my weird hobbies and life of an old man, the garden is coming along nicely! The greenhouse, allotment and square are all now sufficiently full with peas, strawbs, broccoli, leeks, all sorts of onions, kale and some other bits n’ bobs scattered in between. I even got a chance to build a wee gardening table in our allotment out of some old pallets and wood. Not only do I think it looks cracking, but it’s also got some great storage space and even a little shelf for storing spare offcuts of wood! It’s, for the most part, made of pieces left over from the allotment fence, coupled with a half-sized pallet and even some old exterior panels of the shed (now Fiona’s workshop). I think it looks sufficiently ‘thrown together’ as any good piece of allotment furniture should be!

Seanair also got involved in the garden work, directing me to a nice spot near the old pier to collect a trailer load of stinking rich rotted seaweed for the garden- with plenty of tarpaulin covering my nice clean new trailer!

The Distillery

Well, it’s been busy! All go at the distillery at the moment as tours get busy and various deadlines, requests and other things come flying in. Probably the biggest thing at the moment is the barley and the warehouse, both dramatically growing and changing day by day. I now have a great progression of the distillery site so far:

We actually got a chance to visit it in person with the staff around the same time I took the most recent drone photo:

And, of course, the Barley field. It’s been great weather for growing, with a combination of sun and sufficient rainfall, and now the two strains are becoming immediately more clear in the field.

It’s great to see it growing so well, and I’m looking forward to the barley trials open day, but things are busy and I feel frustrated because I’m missing a lot of potential footage, photos and the like being stuck on tours or in the office. hopefully I’ll figure out a better balance soon.


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