A Quick Detour

Even when you have tonnes of unfinished work and jobs to do, you still have to put them to one side in times of great importance. This weekend I got my first break away from Raasay since Christmas (not counting Glasgow- that was work!) to get away from Raasay for the night, and it was certainly justified as one of the most important, defining events this decade: seeing Avengers:Endgame in Cinema (oh, and a friends wedding).

the wedding of my old School bestie Mhairi was in Pitlochry and so lined up quite nicely for a quick weekend family get-together, but it also allowed me to nip through to Perth to catch Avengers in IMAX, a real treat that I’ve very rarely gotten a chance to do (the last IMAX film I saw being I believe Monsters Inc!). Before leaving, however, we had the important task to finish the final piece in our new allotment: rabbit repellant!

It was a little bit of a fiddle to cut and, as you can see above I did cut some a bit short (doh!), but we got it all complete in an evening (despite a quick Raasay Development trust meeting) and to test it, we left some tantalising bait for the buns to see if they would find a way into our new fort knox:

But the next morning our spinach was safe and we finally left our plants outside in confidence, hopefully now able to enjoy both gardening and rabbits in the same place.

Pitlochry was great as always and probably made better by the fact I had left my camera behind and just enjoyed myself. The wedding was brilliant, and I got a chance to catch up with some old school friends I had not seen in years (except one, Annabelle, who is now the district nurse on Raasay!). I’ll be shameless and admit what really stuck with me though was Endgame. A fantastic, surprisingly emotional, character-driven film that didn’t rely on big ‘bish-bashy’ fighting but instead well-written conversations and clever references, plot points and some quite striking, memorable shots. Don’t get me wrong, the Russo Brothers are good directors but often their cinematography can leave them a bit short- I think maybe a holdover of their background in television rather than film. That said, simply the scope of this grand, epic finale and the ability of these directors to pull all these plots and ideas together coherently (and back to back with Avengers: Infinity War) is incredible and quite overwhelming. I won’t spoil too much, but I could see many an audience member sniff and shed a tear during points in the film, and it left me with a lot to think about on the train home. For what is essentially a big-budget kids film, they certainly brought their A-game and I’m just so glad I could finish this saga that I start watching in 2008 in a proper environment

As quickly as we arrived, though, we were off again- rushing back home on Sunday for work again on Monday. Far too short a stay, but the little Jimny performed fantastic in both directions, with good handling and a comfortable ride there and back. We also got a quick stop at Dalwhinnie on the return journey. There wasn’t enough time for a tour, unfortunately (we have the Diageo ‘passports’ so we’re entitled to one for free), but a quick stop in the shop to see the products and also get a look at their lovely little distillery diorama.

And a quick stop at the 4X4 track. I’ll take mine any day…
Also spotted in Broadford. A bit worse for wear in some spots (A Landrover after all) but what a great colour combo!

And then home! Back to work at the distillery today, busy taking photos, training staff and the usual nonsense, but also some gardening: I’m attempting to get the tatties planted as soon as possible so I’ve been busy working the garden while Mary is using the workshop to build parts of her puppet show. Certainly nothing about Seanairs is quiet at the moment.

See this place get used is the best reward for getting it tidy

I think I’ll take more about tatties once I have a few more planted, but if it’s anything like last year we’ll be in for a treat:

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