Allotments & Porsches

This week has been just glorious, and must be some of the best weather we’ve had since early August last year. Again, with any days like these, I can never be truly comfortable and happy thinking of weather and temperatures due to the ever-present fact that we’re headed towards a global, environmental catastrophe in my lifetime, but you I figure I can at least justify it by getting some work done outside. My day off, Tuesday, was centred around two big jobs- finishing the ‘allotment‘ and, if possible, getting some work done on the van, the great garage-bound white whale of my life. First up was the allotment though, as Mary had been in Glasgow visiting her friend Frances (who currently has a photography exhibition in Edinburgh which I’m very sad to say I probably won’t be able to visit in time) and was back that evening. Mary loves plants and gardening, but while we have plenty of space to grow down at my Seanairs and in the pollitunnel behind my parents house, I wanted to give her something that was more her own space and, most importantly, free from the friendly (but hungry) rabbits that potter outside our caravan day and night.

I started at 8 and it was already starting to get pretty warm outside. I’d already managed to put up two out of the three sides of the fence, but there still was some adjustments and tweaks to be made to the spacings between the boards. After that, it was a case of adding in the ground board, leveled and stick firmly into the ground to that nothing could dig under it. We also made another stobb for support at the back, and removed some horrendouubly large old roots and stones.

By about 2PM though I’d finished the fence and built up a stones base around the edges, cleared out the tools and then trying to get some kind of soil layer down on it. It’s pretty poor ground to be honest, with a lot of roots and rocks and junk in the ground, but some fresh soil, plenty of seaweed and some compost bags, I think by next year it’ll be in good shape.

Impromptu soil delivery system (otherwise known as a ramp & wheelbarrow)
Stealing some soil from the back of the house.

It was good fun, but my god I have it easy. Moving those multiple barrows of soil was some turing work, but all I could think of was my Seanair who, when building his house in the 50s, filled an entire lorry with gravel from the beach (by hand), and then had to unloaded it, again by hand, at the house site. Life sure has changed. Finally though, after much raking and tidying for Mary’s return, it was ready!

Also featuring a neat storage space for my new trailer!

Just in time, as well, because only minutes after I finished I had to rush over to get Mary from the ferry! I also had a task- take over Fiona’s shop sign that dad had spruced up and sits next to the waiting room at the pier.

I dropped off the sign and the soon after the ferry arrived, disgorging hordes of people (the summer is officially arriving) including, at the end of the queue, Mary! She had a great time in Glasgow, and returned with a surprise: glasses!

Lookin’ fly

I also had to stop on the way back home to get a photo of a beautiful Porche Cayman parked in at the distillery, just look at that colour scheme integrated with the lights! Gorgeous. Not a sports car fan really, but very impressed.

Funnily enough, I remember the Cayman especially because it appeared in a list of cars that best hold their value recently. The Cayman was listed, along with Ferrari 488 Spider, Audi R3, Lamborghini Aventador etc. You get the jist of it. but who else was on that list of supercars and coupes? You guessed it…

I’ll take mine any day.

So yeah, I’ll take mine any day to be honest and you won’t be surprised what really made me stop and drool:

She’s beautiful!

But anyway, after much car-gazing and catching up with Mary, I showed her the work (she was suitably impressed) and then finished it off tonight with a final addition- a wee raised bed and 4 bags of compost that dad picked up from Jansvans in Portree. It’s probably still in need of some extra compost and seaweed to get it good enough to grow, but it’s a damn good start. We have a garden!

The slightly blurriness of this makes it look like it’s really exciting.


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