Fetch Quests

It’s been a nice balance of work recently, and last week I got a chance to pop over to Skye again for some Jimny-related jobs. Her MOT is coming up in May and there is a patch near the drivers side door that I discovered a few weeks ago that is probably in need of welding. She may pass without it, we’ll have to see, but I was looking to see if I could get her fixed before then to be sure. I popped over to see a guy who specializes in welding over near Uig, but unfortunately he probably won’t be free until the end of next month. Not a wasted trip though, as I picked up some shopping, chili plants for Mary and, most important, got some pictures! There is an old all-terrain buggy that has sat on the road to Uig for as long as I remember, so on the way home I thought I’d finally go and try and get a few photos of it while I had the time to spare:

I was then lucky enough to pull up next to this beautiful ‘just rusty enough’ 1960s series 2 in the Co-op in Portree. Seeing these old series 2, especially compared to my truck or a new Land Rover/Range Rover really makes you realise not just now small my little jimny is, but just how big modern cars are nowadays.

One day…

I also got a nice few photos of the Jimny down by the pier as I did some drone flying for a project- with the roof off I’ve got the perfect vantage point for flying! Also netted me some lovely views of the pier:

Back on the ground I also got around to something I’ve been meaning to do for a while- chassis painting! Since the garage work a wee while back I resolved to tidy up the front axle like the rear, and today having done some red oxide, a nice can of hammerite yellow spray paint arrived, giving the trucker her newly-colourful underside!

Now she’s a true tractor

Aside from photographing and painting though, the great weather made me resolve to properly get down to my ongoing project- garden fence building! I plan on making a little fenced off area next to the caravan for a ‘rabbit’ proof area for growing in the summer and for a while now I’ve been clearing pace and assembling some supplies for it. We currently have a nice park bench out there too that has been great for eating dinners at now that the weather has gotten so much better, so it would be good to complete it with our own little allotment patch.

As we were putting together the posts and marking out the area however, mum came out having seen a particularly nice deal on the Raasay residents page. Long-time visitor Leo Zinoviev down in Fearns was selling a trailer, and when I saw the picture and saw the price, I dropped everything to head down there and buy it! For the just £60(!) I managed to pick up this little beauty:

Those few patches of rust are the only rust anywhere on her!

I’d already seen it a few times when visiting the house with Seanair and the price inlucded not only the prictine cover and electrics, but also a spare tyre! Aside from some surface rust that I scrapped off when i got it home, it’s probably the cleanest trailer I’ve seen on Raasay in years! I’m over the moon with it, as it essentially means I have a nice trailer I can take off-island for camping or general use and still have the old beater trailer for hauling seaweed and other supplies around. Certainly made me glad I had this day off, what a piece of luck!

Certainly looks the part!

What certainly has paid for itself these past few weeks has been the towbar- not only did I tow my new trailer home, Mary, Jami & I were also busy transporting and cleaning a BBQ we rented from the Hall for Jami’s going away gig this week. She and her partner Craig are off to Dundee next week and he had a bit of a farewell party on the 15th (which was also Mary’s birthday through a bit of good luck) with burgers and beers in the boathouse (there’s a name for the night out). The little Jimny played the perfect tractor through for hauling the BBQ away, using dad’s own fancy new trailer:

Then, once we got back to the fence making, we also made use of it to run up to Calum Findlay’s for a load of wood for the garden.

The little tractor that could.

This is a reference that only those who play video games will understand, but I love days off that involve the kind of fetch quests you find in Grand Theft Auto or Red Dead Redemption games. Jump in the car, head to a point on the map for an items, some conversation in the car and then pick it up and complete the mission. I’ve been playing a lot of Red Dead redemption recently, and the whole past couple of days has really reminded me of the part where you build your house:

Great music as well. Prepare to have this stuck in your head.
Coming together

It was a sweltering day, but I’m part way to getting the fence put together. it’s mismatched, bowed and crooked. the screws are wonky in places, the craftsmanship would probably make a joiner cringe but I did it, and that’s what I’m happy with. When I build a house, every single fence is going to be eyeballed and made of driftwood. That’s where the real fun is! Hopefully less rocks in the ground too, some of the ones I was digging up made my back wince:

I think the rabbits are getting suspicious too. get your eating in while you can, lads. The fence will be up soon!

So yes a good busy week. Lucky Mary is off to Glasgow until tuesday to meet up with some friends and her fellow puppeteers. I plan on having this done for when she gets home, but I have a feeling going back to work is going to sap away a good chunk of all that perceived time I have. MY holiday comes when i get the engine back in that damn van…


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