After a fair shedding of blood, sweat, tears, failed attempts, mad plans… we did it. The truck has a towbar.

You’d think to fit a towbar to the Jimny, famous for her simple adaptability and customisation, would be no problem. Well so did I back in December when I dropped £100 on a towbar for the little beast, with the aim of having a handy hitching point for moving the odd load of seaweed to the garden or gas canister back from the shop. However, upon removing the bumper and fitting it in place, we realised the problem: the exhaust

It seems whoever replaced the exhaust on her had done so with an aftermarket example, which rather than curling and following the underside of the body, hung down to such a degree that it stuck straight down in the path of the potential towbar. Back in January, I ordered new a set of rubber hangers, thinking that it was just them being a bit worn and causing the exhaust to sad, but sadly replacing them had almost no effect. Short of cutting the exhaust or fitting a new one, we were stuck. But Dad, enterprising as ever, packed the tow bar with his suitcase last month and off to work with it to see “what the boys on the boat could do”. He had an idea of simply inserting spacers into it to try and give us the space we’d need to clear the exhaust, and the engineers on the Loch Seaforth cut us up some neat little spacer pieces:

Little spacers, big difference.
A tentative first fit…
Along with some light alternations…

It worked a treat! There is still a little rattle from the exhaust, so we’ll need to replace the last rubber hanger at some point, but otherwise solid! I’m only going to be using these short distances really and around the island so it’s perfect for my needs around here, and it adds an extra bit of usefulness to the truck. very chuffed.

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