It was the big day today for the accommodation side of the Distillery- our first hotel award!

Mary and Scot were lucky to attend and receiver our award at the Scottish Hotel Awards for Guesthouse/B&B (you can choose which you prefer) 2019. A great achievement, especially for Mary and Scott who have been running the house, bookings, cleaning and service from day one. I drove Mary out on the first ferry and dropped her off at the beautiful Bunchrew House Hotel just outside Inverness for the prestigious gong ceremony, while I went off to the dentist and to pick up paint supplies (don’t I just get all the fun stuff, eh?). A good chance to test out the Jimny as well, which proved to be capable as ever as we bumped and raced our way down the road. She certainly isn’t as comfortable as the Golf, and it’s 55mph cruising speed at best, but it was a great drive and she’s especially nippy around town. I notice some of the gear changes felt a bit choppy ad crunchy, but it might have been more down to mismatching revs at gear changes since I’m still getting the hang of her off Raasay roads.

Rolls Royce? But the Jimny can simply engage 4WD, cross the lawn and ford the castle moat to pick you up?

After some mild dentistry and racing around Inverness for white rollers and industrial grade fluffy rollers, I picked up Mary and we set off back for the 18.30 ferry. It was not a great journey back weather-wise, with heavy snow and relentless rain showers all the way from Garve to Kyle, but the Jimny took it all in her stride. We also spotted a huge number of deer and some beautiful wee birds by the roadside. I was assuming they were grouse, but that didn’t exactly match up with the RSPB Bird Identifier that I used to try and figure out what they were. Turning to Twitter (har), It was confirmed to me by my old pal Andrew that they were, in fact, a delightful gang of red-legged partridges. Lad knows his burds.

Back onto Skye, and we caught the ferry with even enough time to grab some chips from Kyle. The Jimny is actually surprisingly comfortable to drive, especially surprising after reading the constant horror stories online about them. I had often heard the same things about my Suzuki Super Carry, with people telling me what a pain it must be to drive and operate but to be honest I realise now either my standard for comfort is very low, or people are just very fussy. The other aspect is that car tech has just come on in such leaps and bounds over the years that it’s not all that surprising people get a bit spoiled if they’ve only driven newer cars (and newer suspensions). I actually ended up talking to one of the boys on the ferry who is lucky enough to own an absolutely gorgeous late-80s G-Wagon, and has a real interest in the Jimny, what with the new 2018 model looking like a baby version of the classic Mercedes 4X4. Especially true for the beautiful three-door version. The new G-class is another example of a vehicle that has gone relatively unchanged in styling and had quite a faithful upgrade recently, but unlike the jimny, it’s position as a ‘status symbol’ has inflated it’s prices to crazy numbers (also not helped by the fact that it’s Mercedes). One thing’s for sure though- if he ever upgrades though I’d be first in line for his old truck!

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