First Proper Outing Before Work

Well, after fitting the rear speakers and a bit of fibreglassing yesterday, I eagerly awaited the red oxide and paints to dry so I could finally get the Jimny out for a drive! The first step was to put the interior back together, which was pretty easy, I’m sure a couple of plastic clips snapped (as always) but it went together without too much of a headache. The new speakers sound great, and the steering damper has really taken the minor shakes out of the wheel. We loaded up with tea & tunes and hit the road.

The Jimny is a blast around here, even if she is certainly more ‘bumpy’ on our pitted and pot-holed roads. The handling is great though, and I’m so surprised by the sound quality in the cabin now with the addition of those extra speakers. We travelled north, the intention being to visit Calum’s Road at the far end of the island. However it was not to be. I decided to stop at Brochel on the way to get a couple of photos of the site with my drone:

Looking North- visible is the now topmost ‘nursery tower’ and the remains of the South wall
Looking East, with the gate most visible. Much of the slopes around the castle are probably fallen masonry. Can you spot a stranded Suzuki Jimny too?
Far above, looking west. Remains of the old village and walls are very visible from this height and at this time of year. Also note the natural harbour on the shoreline.
Calum’s Road, looking north. You can see Fladda in the distance, as well as the Loch normally hidden from the road. There used to be an old boatshed there, must have fallen down.
Looking South. It was those approaching rain clouds that made me land!
Best Castle in Scotland. Truck ain’t too bad either.

All was going well, nice photos were had but upon returning from our wee exploratory walk, the truck was stuck! I’d stupidly parked just a couple meters too far off the semi-gravel drive and the moment I went into reverse she simply span out, breaking the surface and hitting the slimey mud underneath. Each time I tried to edge my way out I just worked further down the slope. This is why I hadn’t wanted to take her off road- I don’t have any all terrain tyres yet, or much experience with her but it seems I’d gotten stuck just without even trying! This isn’t a track just for 4X4s or anything, I’ve driven down here numerous times in the Golf and even Bamse. But the angle I’d parked, combined with the saturated ground and my attempt to drive out meant I was trapped infuriatingly close to the road.

Before I spun her out!

This is really the biggest downfall of the Jimny- as a light vehicle, she can struggle sometime where heavier, more planted vehicles succeed. The open differentials also mean you can’t simply lock the axles and crawl out slowly like in a Defender, or using some intelligent traction control system on an AWD vehicle. All that said, at the end of the day it’s not the vehicles fault- It was me who drove her there! A good workman never blames his tools and all that. So after I got my photos of the castle and had a wee struggle in the mud, it was then a call to dad who drove over with the ever-reliable Skoda Yeti to save us. After throwing some branches and dry bracken under the wheels we hauled her out, wheels spinning like mad and engine roaring in 4WD-L. Lesson learned ladies and gents- it only takes being couple few inches off the road to get stuck! It does add another impressive achievement to the list for the Yeti though, which has proved time and time again to be an amazingly capable and versatile vehicle, combining comfortable driving and impressive tech with rugged adaptability. It’s a rear shame the Yetis have been discontinued, replaced by yet another similar looking crossover. The Yeti had a unique look and style to it I really loved, and the review of it by Jeremy Clarkson on Top Gear is one of the best.

It’ll never beat her greatest moment: towing Bamse from Glasgow to Raasay!

Ah well, despite a minor stoppage, fun all the same. And back to work tomorrow- Raasay Distillery is one again open for business and back in production! Here’s a sneak peak of a video I put together-

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