Sound Design Saturday

I had intended on taking the Jimny out for a nice big run today, however, upon waking early with the smell of fibreglass in the air and an urge to tear my fingers up trying to remove plastic trim panels I decided against it. It’s a rust-bust day! There was a hole I’d discovered (okay, poked through) yesterday near the rear seat belts that I wanted to deal with, and it was a great excuse to tick another job off the list – rear speakers!

One of the Jimnys many peculiarities is that it doesn’t have rear speakers, but it does have machined spaces for them and the cables installed already! I believe Jimny’s out in Japan had rear speakers as an option, but I don’t think it was available as an option over here. That might be wrong though, as it’s very odd that they would go to the trouble of pre-wiring them for us (not that I’m complaining).

Pair of JVC CS-J420X. Sounds impressive, actually very cheap.

I had ordered an extra set of speakers back when I replaced my front set, and I’ve been waiting for the right moment to fit them. It’s a job that requires the removal of the entire rear interior and it coincided nicely with the want to deal with those rust holes. There’s a fantastic guide online for fitting both front and rear speakers to the Jimny, and remarkable despite requiring the removal of the whole rear interior, it amounts to about 5 plastic trim panels and about 10 screws and bolts!

Once we were clear, I set about scraping back the rust. It’s really pretty bad in the driver’s side boot floor and will probably require welding in the future, but for the moment we patched it with fibreglass and filler. It’s not structural and it doesn’t compromise the rear seat belts, but this is a problem Jimny’s are prone to. There are even solutions out there to replace the whole rear floor area (we’re not there yet)!

With that out of the way, it was time to fit the speakers. The Jimny, as I mentioned, already has speaker slots machined in place, and just under the rear passenger-side trim is the spare connector for hooking it all up. Once we’d soldered the new speakers up, it was simply a case or running two wires, one just a few inches away to the closest speaker, and the other under the carpet to the driver’s side speaker.

And it worked! I mean let’s be real here, I was never going to get top quality sound from this thing (unless perhaps I try and upgrade to whatever the hell this is), the aim was really just to get a slightly richer, deeper sound to counter engine and road noise. There is also a hilarious amount of bleed so I can expect everyone who I drive past to know exactly what I’m listening to! Definitely a worthwhile job though, it let me tackle some rust patches and inspect the bodywork, and carry out a really easy but meaningful fix. If you have a jimny, upgrade the speakers! You won’t regret it.

Anyway, she’s currently back in the garage and tomorrow we’ll touch up our fibre glass with a bit of red oxide paint, replace the trim and then maybe, finally, I can get out for a drive (maybe)!

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